Masonry, in general, is very low maintenance; however, sometimes problems do arise.  There are several types of masonry units and each type may require special care due to the different materials and different reactions to aging and environmental influences. In all applications, some preventative maintenance methods remain consistent. So for all above we have skilled craftsmen who provide a wide range of masonry repair services.  Our work greatly enhances the appearance and value of your home or property. We care about property owners to add value to the home or enhance the features of a family home by restoration of the external features. Our masonry section covers all the stone, concrete and uni-lock work we do.  We ensure you have the best service for a reasonable price.

Services we offer include:

  • Internal and External flooring – repair / replacement / renew
  • Stone Repairs – internal and external
  • Concrete / masonry repairs
  • Marble flooring of Unfurnished offices
  • Traditional Stone Masonry
  • Granite / Marble repairs – avoiding the cost of total replacement.